Wednesday, 23 May 2007

French Lancers - unit number 3!

Today I have finished painting a unit of 9 lancers. Very enjoyable figures to paint and I'm happy with the results so far. The bases need finishing off in the pics. I have added a link to a web page where I can display larger images with more detail...hope you like them.

First 3 units now almost complete. Bases are covered but I need to add flags, varnish then finish the bases with synthetic grass.

A second battalion of French line infantry is underway withe first 8 figures just started.


rpardo said...

I have discovered your hidden treasure!... A wonderful site and your painting style is very profesional
Best regards
P.S. I have added a link to your blog

Lee Gramson said...

Many thanks Rafa. I was partially inspired to start again by your main wargaming web site and your posts on the 'HaT' site! You have some great photos on there. I was going to use plastic figures as I have nostalgic memories of those and the quality of modern plastic Napoleonic figures is very high. Decided to go with 'Essex'15mm though because the factory/showroom is only about 20 miles from me.

I'll add your link to my blog too.