Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Waterloo campaign from scratch in 15mm!

Welcome to my blog. I started painting and collecting wargames figures way back in 1972 when I was still at school. I remember what started it all still! A couple of mates told me they had joined the school wargames club, I had no idea what that was but went along one night to have a look. What I saw there was a 4 x 6 table covered in Airfix Napoleonics that had been beautifully painted including many fine conversions. One little unit that I admired was the converted British 'Life Guards' , I just could not believe how wonderful they looked back in those days of gloss varnish!......... I was hooked.

So fast forward to February 2007. Over the years I have painted and sold thousands of figures in all scales from 6mm to 40 mm but mainly 15 & 25mm. For the last 5 years I have not painted a single figure but continued to peruse wargames magazines and web sites on a regular basis. So after much thought and planning I have decided to start again and collect and paint British /Allied & French armies. My painting skills have improved considerably over the years and I now consider myself to be a pretty good painter of miniature figures, hopefully as this project progresses I will build myself wargames armies of a high least thats the plan!

OK so now the plans for this project in brief. After looking through all of the manufacturers of 15mm figures I have decided to go with Essex Miniatures. Why? well because I like that chunky style, and they paint up well en mass. They are also very accurate Napoleonic figures which I like. I have also spent many happy hours over the years in the Essex showroom if you can call it that! I just love browsing through the display cabinets....very inspiring.

So I have set myself some guidelines for the armies I plan to produce, together with some modest tagets:

* Units organised to WRG rules, so decided to standardise my unit size at 9 figures for cavalry units and 16 figures for infanrty battalions. Artillery batteries will be of 3 guns for British and 4 guns for French. Smaller units like the British 95th Rifles etc will be in uits of 8 figures.

* Plan is to paint 1 unit per fortnight minimum, so 24 regts/battalions in the first year is my target. I hope to produce rather more than that though!

*Painting standard will be good to v good I hope! I enjoy painting and find it very relaxing. Over the years I have developed my style and I'm happy with it. I use the Foundry 3 shade paint system - base colour/shade/highlight. They are good quality acrylic paints that cover pretty well over my chosen black undercoat. For basing I use fine 'birdgrit', highlighted brown/white then I add synthetic grass in patches.

So the first battalion will be a French infantry unit of 16 figures, made up of 2 voltiguers, 2 grenadiers, 1 officer, 1 standard bearer and a drummer plus 9 other ranks. They will be based in 4's to WRG napooleonic rules but on slightly bigger bases: 40mm wide elements x 10mm deep.

Time to get painting!

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