Thursday, 28 June 2007

First 6 units now completed.

Spent the last couple of days finishing off the Scots Greys and varnishing/basing all figures painted so far. Have to say the grey horses of the 2nd Royal North British Dragoons (to give the Greys their full title!) were challenging. I used a dark grey over the black undercoat then drybrushed lighter grey/white over, I'm not 100% happy with the results but they look ok. Pictures below show the 'Greys' before finishing the horses and basing, and completed. My main aim is a paint job that looks ok and is fairly quick because I have hundreds of these figures to paint to finish this project over the months ahead.

Next up is more British line infantry then a Scottish battalion. After that I'll do more French line troops. I'm placing another order with Essex Miniatures today for the first artillery plus more line troops.

I hope someone reading this finds some inspiration to join this great hobby of ours. Enjoy the photos and if you have any comments or suggestions please email me at: I'm always happy to chat about wargaming and painting methods etc.

Photos below show the 'Scots Greys' during painting, still working on those grey horses! and when completed, plus some of the units complete now except for flags which I'm also ordering from Essex (Revo flagsheets, 15mm). Apologies for the poor quality of the latter photos.

PLease click on the images below to view full size.

Friday, 22 June 2007

A few links!

Not done much painting this week but the Scots Greys should be finished next week. Heres a couple of Napoleonic links you may like to browse.

The Napoleonic Association. - Superb Napoleonic re enactment society, if you get a chance to go see them its a great experience. Uniform detail is incredibly accurate.

Rafael Pardo's 20mm Napoleonics site - Excellent site packed with images of Napoleonic wargames and hundreds of painted 20mm plastic figures. Its well worth a visit and its regularly updated.

Front Rank Miniatures Napoleonic Archive - You are going to drool when you see these pictures! Amazing figures and amazing painting!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Next...the Scots Greys!

Just finished painting the first 16 British infantry. I should move on to another British line battalion next but I'm itching to get started on the Royal North British Dragoons (The Scots Greys). My cavalry units are all going to be 9 figures, although French cavalry should actually be 12 figures strong but I find this looks too big by comparison with my 16 infanrty units.I'm using WRG 'Napoleonic' rules, dated now but I still prefer them.

Todays pictures: British line battalion - awaiting base texturing etc and the unpainted 'Essex' Scots Greys awaiting a black undercoat - should be finished in a weeks time.

Going to update the blog with some more links etc next couple of days.

Friday, 8 June 2007

More pictures!

First 8 British line painted this week. YOu can see them below. I have worked out it takes approx 2 hours to paint 8 figures so I hope to complete 1 unit per week in future. Style has been kept fairly simple, using the black undercoat as shade where possible - the black gives depth to 15mm figures I find.

Also finished basing some of the French cavalry as you can see. Again its simply done with bird grit covered in synthetic grass. I want the bases to match the TSS terrain blocks I intend to use as the project develops.

More pics when the first british line battalion is finished next week! After that I'm moving onto the Scots Greys (9 figures) then another British line battalion.

Click on images to view full size.

20th Dragoons : Line Lancers : Britsh line first colours and completed.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Unit number 4 completed - onto the British.

PLease click on images for full size version.

French Line battalion number 2, finishing stages. Coats are Midnight blue, highlighted with sky blue shade, slightly brighter than in reality but it works well for 15mm figures. The white is the most demanding colour on French line troops but you quickly get a feel for what to paint and what to leave as undercoat/shade. In general I use the Foundry 3 shade system of paints, for example the musket woodwork I use the dark 'spearshaft -shade' allowing some of the black to show through then highlight with 'spearshaft- light', no mixing and consistent colours. Just means you end up with LOADS of paints! I would recommend them to anyone though.

You can also see some of the unpainted Essex British, superb detail for such an old range. If you ever get a chance to visit the 'Essex' factory/shop you will love browsing through the cabinets of painted figures, 15mm & 25mm.

Soon as I get the first 4 units varnished and the bases finished I'll add some close ups here.