Friday, 8 June 2007

More pictures!

First 8 British line painted this week. YOu can see them below. I have worked out it takes approx 2 hours to paint 8 figures so I hope to complete 1 unit per week in future. Style has been kept fairly simple, using the black undercoat as shade where possible - the black gives depth to 15mm figures I find.

Also finished basing some of the French cavalry as you can see. Again its simply done with bird grit covered in synthetic grass. I want the bases to match the TSS terrain blocks I intend to use as the project develops.

More pics when the first british line battalion is finished next week! After that I'm moving onto the Scots Greys (9 figures) then another British line battalion.

Click on images to view full size.

20th Dragoons : Line Lancers : Britsh line first colours and completed.


rpardo said...

Hey... your painting is superb! how many time do yoy use to paint a figure?

Lee Gramson said...

Thank you Rafa. I find its about 4 hours to paint 16 figures, usually spread over a week (I need more spare time!).