Monday, 4 June 2007

Unit number 4 completed - onto the British.

PLease click on images for full size version.

French Line battalion number 2, finishing stages. Coats are Midnight blue, highlighted with sky blue shade, slightly brighter than in reality but it works well for 15mm figures. The white is the most demanding colour on French line troops but you quickly get a feel for what to paint and what to leave as undercoat/shade. In general I use the Foundry 3 shade system of paints, for example the musket woodwork I use the dark 'spearshaft -shade' allowing some of the black to show through then highlight with 'spearshaft- light', no mixing and consistent colours. Just means you end up with LOADS of paints! I would recommend them to anyone though.

You can also see some of the unpainted Essex British, superb detail for such an old range. If you ever get a chance to visit the 'Essex' factory/shop you will love browsing through the cabinets of painted figures, 15mm & 25mm.

Soon as I get the first 4 units varnished and the bases finished I'll add some close ups here.

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