Friday, 6 July 2007

British battalion number 2 completed.

Not much to report this week. Completed the 16 figures for british infantry unit number 2. Just needs varnishing and basing now. I'm undercoating the first 8 figures of the Scottish battalion up next.... probably the 42nd ' Black watch'. Decided to go with just one flag each for the British battalions and leave the regimental colour as I feel that 2 flags with a small 16 figure battalion looks too much.

One of my main sources of reference is a brilliant little book published in 1971 called 'Regiments at waterloo' by Rene North. I owned a copy in 1975 when I was just 17! I lost that copy but managed to find another copy on ebay some months ago, real nostalgia!

Plese click on photos to view full size.

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