Friday, 13 July 2007

Highlanders are finished!

Here is the completed 92nd Highland battalion. Quite enjoyed painting those but the kilts were challenging! Next is a French Line foot battery of 4 guns and 16 crew. All 'Essex' miniatures as usual. Using a white undercoat on the guns only as I feel it gives slightly brighter look when finished.

Total so far now is:1 French Dragoon regt and 1 Line lancer regt. 2 French infantry battalions, 2 British line and 1 Highland battalions plus the Scots Greys.


rpardo said...

Good looking highlanders, they seem ready for the Peninsular or Waterloo!
Do you want to paint the full Light Division?

James said...

Good work Lee,

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for suppliers of Napoleonic miniatures.

I'm interested to know why you chose Essex? I've been thinking of buying some AB 15mm Figures.

Stryker said...

Hi Lee

Thanks for directing me to your blog. Some superb painting & basing. I really hope you continue the project!

Now for a question - how do you achieve the colour of the red tunics on your British? All my attempts with my Foundry paints have resulted in too dark a shade.


Lee Gramson said...

Hello Ian,

Thank you for the comments.I'm really not sure I want to continue THIS project but I'm still looking for inspiration! First period I ever saw played was Crimean War that was back in the Seventies using the old Minifigs range long since discontinued. This remains probably the one period I have not dabbled in over the years yet I retain a strong interest in the period...alas very few ranges around these days, although there are one or two out there. I have even been thinking about going back to the old 'Airfix Magazine' days (I'm sure you will remember? We're about the same age :-) and do a big plastic conversion project for the period from scratch, but I'm not sure yet.I noticed the old Hinton Hunt Crimean range on the HH blog, but I would imagine they would be very hard to track down.




I'm sorry for the long delay, I ran out of steam with this project. I alwasy liked Essex figures, maybe a bit 'stiff' or 'wooden' but very accurate and very clean castings. The little sales area they have at the factory is a wonderland for wargamers...... well worth a visit if you are ever around that way.

Good luck.


Lee Gramson said...

Sorry, I foorgot to answer your question re Brit tunics! I also use Foundry 3 shade system. I find the red very weak over a black undercoat and takes a lot of work to build it up. I tend to use the mid shade 'Bright Red' 15b then the highight shade 'Bright red, light' 15c. I tried 'Scarlet' but was never happy with the results.

Hope this helps.