Monday, 25 May 2009

"Make ready" !

Here is a shot of the first 8 figures ready for painting. White undercoat washed thinly with black to give me some definitition, I'm happy finally! Having tried the red it does cover far better than the black undercoat and I'm sure this will speed up painting.

Couple of days they will be finished so I'll update with new pics.

Click to enlarge. The Perry plastics are as good as any metal range I have seen.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Pondering undercoat colour and campaigns!

I have assembled the first of the Perry figures, bit fidly but they go together very well with no annoying gaps. Now my dilema begins!

Firstly, after much thought I have decided to go with the Waterloo campaign rather than Peninsular..... why the change of plan?..... well I do like those 'belgic' shakos for a start, and the Perry figures are modelled with oilskin covers which are accurate for the campaign. Also when I get round to the British Heavy cavalry I get to have my heavy Dragoon units in helmets rather than bicornes. So thats one decision made...100 days it is then.

Next is question of undercoat colour and painting style. As you can see from my 15mm examples earlier in this blog I have long been a fan of black undercoats. One problem I have always found though is that any troops in red uniforms take ages to build up the strength of colour to give a clean bright finish. So I have now undercoated the first 8 british line in a white undercoat as an experiment. I am thinking of trying a thin black ink wash over this undercoat just to add some definition and depth before going onto paint them. We shall judge by the results of the first 8 figures if this is a method worth continuing with. Horse when I get to that stage will be white undercoated also and painted in 'Peter Gilder' method style. This is a departure from my normal style but I'm keen to try it.

I'll add the first pics later today of the assembled and undercoated Brits, and the first colours will be going on today also.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

First figures have arrived!

The Perry Plastics have arrived and they are every bit as good as as thier fine metal figures. They represent great value for money, 40 figures for £15.00, every one in sensible poses that can be varied slightly and the detail is quite amazing. Having trimmed off the arms, heads, equipment etc from the sprues they go together very cleanly with no annoying gaps to be filled.

I plan to use exactly the same fast painting method as on the 15mm figures in the blog below, black undercoat and then the Foundry paint system. I find I can paint fairly quickly like this.

Having given unit size a thought I have decided upon:

British line: 20 figures, 2 per company, 10 companies including a light and grenadier co....all included as options in the Perry boxes.

French line: 24 figures in 6 companies of 4 including a voltiguer and grenadier co.

This is based on the organisation laid down in the old Terry Wise Airfix book 'Napoleonic Wargaming' a copy of which I have had for over 20 years I'm going back to basics with this project!

Pics to follow soon as I get started.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Here we go again!

Firstly I must apologise to anybody who had been following my blog before I ran out of inspiration! I found it hard to keep up the enthusiasm for painting 15mm figures and decided to sell off what had been painted so far in the project and begin again. I looked at 28mm and even looked into different eras such as the crimean war.
Having spent several months musing and looking at all of the ranges I have finally decided to basically re start this project BUT using Perry Miniatures 28mm Napoleonics. This will inlcude using the plastic British and French line infantry as well as the metal range that suppliments them. Perry are also curently working on plastic French cavalry and as usual the detail looks amazing. The use of plastics make the project far more affordable with no compromise on detail. I have ordered the first of the plastics and soon as they arrive I'll get this blog running again.
As a taster of the quality of the Perry plastics, heres the image from thier website. This time I'm going with the Peninsular war, inspired by the excellent blog and website of Rafael Pardo.
More to follow soon!