Thursday, 14 May 2009

Here we go again!

Firstly I must apologise to anybody who had been following my blog before I ran out of inspiration! I found it hard to keep up the enthusiasm for painting 15mm figures and decided to sell off what had been painted so far in the project and begin again. I looked at 28mm and even looked into different eras such as the crimean war.
Having spent several months musing and looking at all of the ranges I have finally decided to basically re start this project BUT using Perry Miniatures 28mm Napoleonics. This will inlcude using the plastic British and French line infantry as well as the metal range that suppliments them. Perry are also curently working on plastic French cavalry and as usual the detail looks amazing. The use of plastics make the project far more affordable with no compromise on detail. I have ordered the first of the plastics and soon as they arrive I'll get this blog running again.
As a taster of the quality of the Perry plastics, heres the image from thier website. This time I'm going with the Peninsular war, inspired by the excellent blog and website of Rafael Pardo.
More to follow soon!


rpardo said...

Welcome back!

Lee Gramson said...

Thank you Rafa,

The first figures have arrived and the paints are out once again! A bit of assembly today (they have separate arms, heads and equipment etc) then I will get started painting again. I feel a lot of enthusiasm for this 'new' project, the quality of the Pery plastics is amazing.