Friday, 22 May 2009

Pondering undercoat colour and campaigns!

I have assembled the first of the Perry figures, bit fidly but they go together very well with no annoying gaps. Now my dilema begins!

Firstly, after much thought I have decided to go with the Waterloo campaign rather than Peninsular..... why the change of plan?..... well I do like those 'belgic' shakos for a start, and the Perry figures are modelled with oilskin covers which are accurate for the campaign. Also when I get round to the British Heavy cavalry I get to have my heavy Dragoon units in helmets rather than bicornes. So thats one decision made...100 days it is then.

Next is question of undercoat colour and painting style. As you can see from my 15mm examples earlier in this blog I have long been a fan of black undercoats. One problem I have always found though is that any troops in red uniforms take ages to build up the strength of colour to give a clean bright finish. So I have now undercoated the first 8 british line in a white undercoat as an experiment. I am thinking of trying a thin black ink wash over this undercoat just to add some definition and depth before going onto paint them. We shall judge by the results of the first 8 figures if this is a method worth continuing with. Horse when I get to that stage will be white undercoated also and painted in 'Peter Gilder' method style. This is a departure from my normal style but I'm keen to try it.

I'll add the first pics later today of the assembled and undercoated Brits, and the first colours will be going on today also.


rpardo said...

I always undercoate in black. My only attempt in white, d¡finished in a horrible look and in the washing of all figures... poor plastic Young Guard!

Lee said...

Hi Rafa,

I am trying something different as an experiment. I have now given the white undercoat a thin wash of black that has run into all the shade areas, edges of crossbelts, lace etc. I will have the first colours painted today so I will add a few pics. My motivation is high for this project finally!


Grégory Privat said...

Why dont you undercoat in red ?

BigRedBat said...

Red is the new black!

When I don't use a red undercoat, and instead put red over black, I usually build up in 3-4 coats starting with a very dark red, ending in vermillion highlights.


Secundus said...

I'm using grey at the moment and it's great for French troops with all their white.