Wednesday, 23 December 2009

First 8 figures completed!

Here they are, not too bad given the length of time since I last picked up a paintbrush, but its a bit like riding a bike I guess! The next 8 are undercoated and waiting for the first colours. I want to improve the faces slightly maybe. I have chosen not to line out all of the cross belts etc, the black ink wash over the white undercoat does at least give some depth and shadow. I'm starting to think about rules and basing now, I'm more a collector than a wargamer really so I like simple fast rule sets.... any suggestions? I still like the old WRG rules for the period and was looking through them last night.

I live in an area rich in Napoleonic military history, and will try to get some pics etc of whats around here as the blog progresses, Martello towers, forts, a Redoubt, the Royal Military Canal etc. I'm just a few miles from the Napoleonic musketry school grounds at Hythe, Kent and all along this stretch of coast you can see defensive walls of the period. In the village of Dymchurch where we live we have three surviving 'Martello' towers and one still retains original interior, musket racks etc and a cannon mounted on a swiveling carriage device up on the roof looking out across the expanse of flat sandy beach in the bay where Napoleon was expected to land his troops. Sir John Moore trained the Light Infantry down here too and there is a great life sized statue of 2 riflemen that I must photograph for the blog, they are incredibly accurate in detail.
I hope that this will make my blog more interesting to readers

Link to 'Martello Towers website' - You can take a virtual tour of a typical martello here!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Back in the swing!

Have almost finished the first 8 British infantry! Next 8 are assembled and ready for undercoating. Got my painting area set up now so I can just sit down and paint whenever I get the time. I think this is important to establish a place to work in comfort. Just need to add a 'daylight' spiral bulb to improve the quality of lighting a little but its OK.

Should have pics of the finished figures within next 24 hours, just metallics and detailing to finish them. I'm having to relearn how to paint over a white undercoat again! But its so much quicker and I'm enjoying being able to allow the brush to flow a little more with slightly thinned paints. I'll let the pics do the talking when they're finished.

Couple of pics of my painting table in the meantime.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Catching up! - Some old pics.

Well, its 6 months since I last updated this blog and I am surprised to see that it is still getting regular hits! I apologise for the lapse but to be honest I am still trying to find the motivation and inspiration to begin painting again! I WANT to build 2 Napoleonic armies and I want them to be the best painted figures I have ever produced and I definitely want them to be in 25mm this time. Its my goal for 2010 to do this project. I have finally picked up my paintbrush again.

In the meantime heres some more pics of figures that I have painted over the past few years, all now sold off to good homes :-) napoleonic 15mm, ECW 15mm and some redoubt 25mm ACW's.

Hope you like the pictures and I will get back on subject as soon as I have 1 completed Napoleonic unit to post here.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year :-)

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