Monday, 21 December 2009

Back in the swing!

Have almost finished the first 8 British infantry! Next 8 are assembled and ready for undercoating. Got my painting area set up now so I can just sit down and paint whenever I get the time. I think this is important to establish a place to work in comfort. Just need to add a 'daylight' spiral bulb to improve the quality of lighting a little but its OK.

Should have pics of the finished figures within next 24 hours, just metallics and detailing to finish them. I'm having to relearn how to paint over a white undercoat again! But its so much quicker and I'm enjoying being able to allow the brush to flow a little more with slightly thinned paints. I'll let the pics do the talking when they're finished.

Couple of pics of my painting table in the meantime.

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