Thursday, 21 January 2010

Room for improvement!

Well, managed to complete the 4 line infantry plus the 4 95th Rifles. I'm just waiting for my order from Perry to arrive then I will add the final 4 figures (metal command) to finish Battalion number 2. Then straight into 2 x 16 figure French line battalions.
I'm still not 100% happy with my results so far. While I'm waiting for the order I intend to work back through all of the figures so far and 'improve' them as best I can. I want to work onthe faces and shading, the jackets are in need of some shading and the strapping will benefit from careful and subtle lining I think.

Heres some pics as they stand and I'll update again after working on them.

I have also been researching the 95th Rifles as they have a local connection down here having trained at the School of musketry in Hythe just a few miles along the coast, and were based at Shorncliffe barracks (where the Gurka's are now based). The remains of the powder store and other buildings from Napoleonic period can still be seen in Hythe by the Royal Military canal, dug to defend against the expected invasion. I feel like I am surrounded by napoleonic history, I can just about see the top of 'Martello Tower' number 25 (ariel view below) built in 1805, from my garden, the swivel cannon on the roof still points out across the expanse of sandy beach, ideal for landing troops, towards the Channel. We have 3 of them within a 2 mile stretch of coastline! I will add more pictures as the project progresses.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Slowed down a bit last few days but they almost there. The Rifle green is a difficult colour as it was actually very dark almost apprearing black in the field with wear. I'll see how they look once completed.

Also a shot of one of the excellent colour plates from my Brassey's book, I have both the British and French volumes, I'll add a couple more here later, accuracy is very good.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

2nd battalion underway.

Have painted the first 8 figures of battalion number 2 and I'm currently doing 4 more plus the 4 riflemen from the Perry box. I need to order the (metal) command for the 2 nd unit. PLacing an order with Perry for:

1 box of French line inf (plastic)
BH5 British/KGL command advancing (6)
BH4 British/KGL Mtd colonels
FN6 French inf battalion command

This will allow me to complete 2 British battalions, mtd brigade command stand, + 4 riflemen.
then 2 x French line battalions of 16 figures.

After that I will paint a 10 figure cavalry unit for each side before returning to complete a full infantry brigade for each side! I'm planning well ahead now and am researching the Waterloo OOB for organisation details.

I'll get more close ups shortly but you can see how far I have got so far in the pic. The 2nd unit are better I think, better faces, variation in trousers plus a few patches. I'm getting the hang of this again!

Friday, 8 January 2010

More pics!

I'm well into unit number 2 and just finished basing unit 1. After much thought I decided to go with the basing system you see in the pics, the rules will have to conform to my basing system! The battalion looks 'balanced' to my eye, with the command in the centre. I will base all of my units like this, French as well.

Been doing a lot of reading about the Perry range, looking at lots of images etc. I can't really fault these Brits, they fit together very well and in no time at all. I'm just beginning to realise how many variants within the same basic pose you can achieve from a box. The metal figures look excellent too, I'll be ordering some next week together with the first box of French infantry.

Battalion number 2 has buff facings and cross belts etc. Back soon.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


This is the first 16 figure British battalion, ready for basing. I'm still not 100% happy but for a first unit they're OK I think. I need to clarify some details about officers lace etc, and also I believe that drummers would not have been wearing reversed colours by the time of the waterloo campaign? However, from reading Brasey's 'Wellingtons Army' it is clear that campaign dress meant that not everything was according to regulation and that many regiments still continued to wear pre 1812 issue items. Next unit I will add a few patches to uniform.

The plan is now to paint the second British battalion then do 2 x French line battalions. These will then be built up to a full brigade for each side with command, then some cavalry! Thats my initial goal.

I'm now set on basing for WRG rules, having been inspired by a couple of other excellent Napoleonic blogs using smaller units. I'll be adding them to my links list.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

First battalion completed!

Going to spend some time later today working on this blog, its looking a bit tired. Will add pics of the first completed 16 figure battalion. I'm moving straight on to the next battalion, will need to add metal command pack from Perry for this one. I'm going to be placing an order for more figures so this project is well and truly underway for 2010.

I have been inspired by several other Napoleonic blogs so I'll also update the links section to include all of these.

Back very soon with the latest pics. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.