Thursday, 14 January 2010

2nd battalion underway.

Have painted the first 8 figures of battalion number 2 and I'm currently doing 4 more plus the 4 riflemen from the Perry box. I need to order the (metal) command for the 2 nd unit. PLacing an order with Perry for:

1 box of French line inf (plastic)
BH5 British/KGL command advancing (6)
BH4 British/KGL Mtd colonels
FN6 French inf battalion command

This will allow me to complete 2 British battalions, mtd brigade command stand, + 4 riflemen.
then 2 x French line battalions of 16 figures.

After that I will paint a 10 figure cavalry unit for each side before returning to complete a full infantry brigade for each side! I'm planning well ahead now and am researching the Waterloo OOB for organisation details.

I'll get more close ups shortly but you can see how far I have got so far in the pic. The 2nd unit are better I think, better faces, variation in trousers plus a few patches. I'm getting the hang of this again!


Blaxkleric said...

Lee, That second battalion looks good and I like the tattered trousers. I'm delighted you're back in the painting saddle as I started a 15mm Nap project using Essex Miniatures myself at a similar time to when you started your old project and am certain yours was the website that kept me going.

Like you I've recently returned to painting, and was tempted by the Perrys and Victrix 28mm. But in the end I'm trying to build upon the few 15mm stands I painted in 2007.

Keep up the good work as it keeps me painting too :-)


Stryker said...

Looking good Lee - you're on a roll!

I wanted to zoom in for a close up but your pics aren't clickable. Blogger is a pain in the proverbial for doing that. Sometimes if you delete the image and load it again it works...

Lee said...


Thanks for the kind words. I'll have a read of your blog. I was very happy with the 15mm Essex figs, but I had always promised myself that when I had more time on my hands etc I would do the ultimate 25mm Napoleonic collection. I think it was Perry moving into plastic figures that gave me the push to get going again. I have read that the Victrix range whilst very good are slightly larger than the Perry's? I plan to stick with Perry for the entire collection, metal and plastic combined. Time will tell. Anyway, I'm glad it motivated you to keep going too :-)





Thank again, I did notice those pics did not enlarge, I'll try again with the next pics I upload.