Friday, 8 January 2010

More pics!

I'm well into unit number 2 and just finished basing unit 1. After much thought I decided to go with the basing system you see in the pics, the rules will have to conform to my basing system! The battalion looks 'balanced' to my eye, with the command in the centre. I will base all of my units like this, French as well.

Been doing a lot of reading about the Perry range, looking at lots of images etc. I can't really fault these Brits, they fit together very well and in no time at all. I'm just beginning to realise how many variants within the same basic pose you can achieve from a box. The metal figures look excellent too, I'll be ordering some next week together with the first box of French infantry.

Battalion number 2 has buff facings and cross belts etc. Back soon.


Stryker said...

Lee - they do look smart, looking forward to the next unit!


Lee said...

Thanks Ian :-) I'm itching to get to painting Napoleonic cavalry again, must discipline myself! Must say I'm really enjoying this again though.

Good luck with the house move.


Galpy said...

They look awesome and i to look forward to the next pics, maybe you'll come on over for a visit, i've just started up in the past couple of weeks, i love Napoleonics
Cheers Kent