Tuesday, 5 January 2010


This is the first 16 figure British battalion, ready for basing. I'm still not 100% happy but for a first unit they're OK I think. I need to clarify some details about officers lace etc, and also I believe that drummers would not have been wearing reversed colours by the time of the waterloo campaign? However, from reading Brasey's 'Wellingtons Army' it is clear that campaign dress meant that not everything was according to regulation and that many regiments still continued to wear pre 1812 issue items. Next unit I will add a few patches to uniform.

The plan is now to paint the second British battalion then do 2 x French line battalions. These will then be built up to a full brigade for each side with command, then some cavalry! Thats my initial goal.

I'm now set on basing for WRG rules, having been inspired by a couple of other excellent Napoleonic blogs using smaller units. I'll be adding them to my links list.


Rafael Pardo said...

16 figures... It could be a Lasalle baltalion!
Best regards

Lee said...

Hello Rafa, good to hear from you again..... I was just browsing your main site for images of your British battalions to get some ideas on basing and organisation. I was planning to go with WRG BUT I just don't like seeing a single rank of figures when in line! I like the 4 to a stand style but I just know what rules to use.

Anyway, I hope you get to see this project develop now, I'm really enjoying painting with this white u/coat style.