Thursday, 21 January 2010

Room for improvement!

Well, managed to complete the 4 line infantry plus the 4 95th Rifles. I'm just waiting for my order from Perry to arrive then I will add the final 4 figures (metal command) to finish Battalion number 2. Then straight into 2 x 16 figure French line battalions.
I'm still not 100% happy with my results so far. While I'm waiting for the order I intend to work back through all of the figures so far and 'improve' them as best I can. I want to work onthe faces and shading, the jackets are in need of some shading and the strapping will benefit from careful and subtle lining I think.

Heres some pics as they stand and I'll update again after working on them.

I have also been researching the 95th Rifles as they have a local connection down here having trained at the School of musketry in Hythe just a few miles along the coast, and were based at Shorncliffe barracks (where the Gurka's are now based). The remains of the powder store and other buildings from Napoleonic period can still be seen in Hythe by the Royal Military canal, dug to defend against the expected invasion. I feel like I am surrounded by napoleonic history, I can just about see the top of 'Martello Tower' number 25 (ariel view below) built in 1805, from my garden, the swivel cannon on the roof still points out across the expanse of sandy beach, ideal for landing troops, towards the Channel. We have 3 of them within a 2 mile stretch of coastline! I will add more pictures as the project progresses.


Stryker said...

They look great as they are! Glad to see you being so productive and I'm looking forward now to seeing the French. Each day we take our dogs to walk at Berry Head which has a Napoleonic Fort that used to command the southern entrance to Tor Bay. Napoleon was actually brought into the bay just outside Brixham harbour en-route to St Helena. I often look down from the walls of the place and picture the Emperor struting the deck of a British Man-of-War. I will miss that when we move away next month!


Lee said...

Hi Ian,

I know just what you mean, and I think it is this connection with the period that is helping to drive this project along, its still there to be seen. I am reading through a document published following the 'Time Team' dig at Shorncliffe where Sir John Moore trained the light infantry, including the 95th, I'll get some pics when the weather warms up!

'Our'village martello is owned by English Heritage but its hardly ever open, although summer bank holidays we get re enactors down here and it seems to come to life.The sight and sound of a column of 'redcoats' marching through the village I find strangly moving.

Anyway, thanks for thecomments, it does help knowing that others are interested in my blog!