Sunday, 14 February 2010

Better late than never!

Well, my order actually turned up on Saturday! I'd given up up on it but that the PO for you these days I guess.

I have the 4 metal Brit command figures u/coated already to go. The metal figures are a good match for the plastics, maybe a little more detailed facially but I'm nit picking there. I also have enough figures for the next 2 French line battalions...... so on we go.

I'm going to order some cavalry next.

Now a Question about rules. it is clear that my goal is to collect nice figures/units rather than play accurate table top games, but that said I do want to be able to play some fast and simple games with them down the line. I want a set of rules that are 'retro' in mechanism, fast and quickly memorable, the emphasis being on the 'fun' aspect. I'm trawling through the 'freewargamesrules' site looking for something to suit but will throw this open for suggestions? I really like the WRG rules but my basing style wont work now and I want to keep my 2 deep basing style, I have never liked a single rank of figures in line even though I know it is accurate in terms of width and depth! The old 'Quarrie' rules are proving somewhat complex in reading, and will clearly play very slowly ( as you said Ian:-) ).

'Stryker' what rules do you intend to use for your HH project? Are you going 1970's rules too? Anyone else knows of a good playable but fun set of Napoleonic rules please post them here for me, I'd appreciate that. Cheers.

More pics to follow shortly.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee

Excellent news that the Post Office came through in the end!

I will be using my own rules because that's what I always did as a kid but they will be based on John Tunstill's London Wargames Section Napoleonic Rules. I have an original copy which I will happily photocopy for you once I find them again (after we move).

These rules (1968) are much more simple than Quarrie's with whole figure casualties and basic morale and firing rules. My own version will be simplified further. Sadly I don't have a copy left of the rules I knocked up with my mates in 1970 but the were on just 2 sheets of A4 and were a lot of fun.


Rafael Pardo said...

If wou want to try a more 'modern' set, you could use Lasalle by Sam Mustafa

Pastor Mueller said...

Sometimes it's those homebrew rules that are most fun... I think that most really intense historical gamers at least make little changes to their favorite rule set. Some write their own! I like to write my own rules too... Two A4 sheets of paper is a perfect length! Although, I've played Shako 2 and others... And I've enjoyed it. I've seen Lasalle, and I think it would work well too...