Thursday, 25 February 2010

British organisation

Finally, after a long period of searching the web and a couple of ‘false starts’ I am well and truly hooked once again on painting figures, and it feels great! What I did not want to do was begin a project that I could not finish, so I have set myself a realistic goal in terms of numbers of figures I need to paint. I plan to wargame at Divisional level only, but I want my armies to include all of the troop types that I like! After some thought I have decided to build my armies initially at least to the following tables. They are based on the Waterloo OOB, with some liberties taken in terms of eliminating the odd unit! I will work to this plan in future rather than painting ad hoc units.

French table will follow shortly :-)

BRITISH/HANOVERIAN.- 4th Division (Lt.Gen. Sir Colin Colville) General Lord Hill’s II corps.

4 th Brigade.(Col. Mitchel)14th Foot (Buff facings), 23 rd Foot (blue facings) 51st Foot (Light inf. Blue facings )

6th Brigade. – (Maj gen Johnson):35th Foot ( ? ) 54th Foot ( Green facings ) 59th Foot ( White facings. ) 91st Foot (Yellow facings)

6th Hanoverian Brigade (Maj. Gen. Sir James Lyon)3 x Hanoverian Battalions.

British & Hanoverian Field batteries. (one of each?)

2nd Cavalry Brigade (Maj Gen Sir W.Ponsonby).Royal Dragoons, Scots Greys,

5th Cavalry Brigade (Maj. Gen. Grant):7th & 15th Hussars.


A nicely balanced little force consisting of : 7 x British battalions, 3 x Hanoverian battalions ( will include some Landwehr). 2 Regts. of heavy cavalry & 2 of Hussars. Plus artillery.

All battalions are 16 figures, cavalry regts. will be 10 figures each.

Composition: All British line/Light will be Perry Plastics, the Hanoverians will be Perry metals (2 x Line plus 1 x landwehr….. I love those caps!)

British heavy cavalry will be Perry metals

British Light cavalry (Hussars), will be Perry Plastics… hussars due shortly.

Artillery, all Perry metal.


French line battalion #1 almost completed, pics shortly.


JAM said...

Looks like a nice little force. The particulars of the Hanoverian uniform can be found on my website if you need some info.

Lee said...

Thank you, I will use that as a reference when I get to the Hanoverians.