Monday, 22 February 2010

A couple of questions.

Managed to complete the first 8 French figures over the weekend. I also worked on the basing by slightly darkening the stonework and edges, I think its an improvement. The method is fast and non messy so I'm going to stick wih this shade now. I'm going to change camera next post as I'm struggling to get a good close up with my old thing!.... meantime here you see my progress so far. The next 8 French are already undercoated, the flank companies plus 3 metal command figures. I reckon I can paint around 10 per week, how does that compare with you guys? I do have a fair bit more time on my hands thesedays, I could probably push that up a little.
1. Whats the best make of flags on the market these days? or do you all use the free 'Warflag' colours? Are Revo still as good as I remember them?
2 Varnish. Any suggestions ? I used to use the Humbrol spray years ago, had a nice finish, not totally matt but I liked that look. My Foundry paint system varnish pack went solid before I even opened them !! but I prefer to spray them anyway.
Back at the end of the week with improved quality pics and close ups. Cheers for any input.


DC said...

I think most people would agree that GMB are the best flags around by a mile. As for varnish i use Coat d'Arms matt spray (on top of a gloss poly varnish), and it's never failed me. Cheers.

JAM said...

I agree, I would go with GMB, but Flagdude are good too and already mounted.

I use Testor's Dullcote. Very matt.