Saturday, 27 February 2010

French battalion.

More or less completed, just the bases and flag to finish off. Quite pleased with them overall. I have assembled the 6 skirmishers from the Perry box next, I want to be able to deploy skirmisher screens on the table, maybe 6 per 2 units.

Does anybody recall a set of rules called 'Playable Napoleonic Wargames' by Barry Edwards (I think!) from back in the eighties? I used them and enjoyed them, fast and fun, I'd love to find an old copy again. Meantime I'm trying to figure how I could use my figures with WGR rules. From the rule point of view I know this is going to be a retro project!

I have found some old photos of my set up back in the eighties :-) I hope to scan a few to upload here. I recall the hours spent making the heavy ply boards and covering with filler etc before I eventually changed over to those lovely TSS boards, so lightweight. But I'm surprised how good the pictures actually look today.
Couple of pics, one a bit fuzzy!! of the French battalion, Back soon.


Rafael Pardo said...

There is a good repository of free rules at
but your rule-set is not amongst the given
Are similar to WRG?

Stryker said...

I remember the ad for those rules - showed a Peninsular game in progress I think. Looking forward to the 1980's pics!


Lee said...

Hi Rafa,

I am gradually working through that site trying to find a set of rules that will work for me. The set I mentioned were very simple but the example games (featured in full colour move my move), seemed to capture the period well at that time.

Ian, yes, they were based on the Peninsular campaign, beautiful 25mm figures, terrain and photography, if I recall the games were played against Bill Gaskin? who was an inspirational figure painter.


Red_Cardinal said...

Lee, I have a copy of the Barry Edwards rules. If you'd like them, drop me a line at (remove the antispam bit...) and I'll stick em in the post to you.