Sunday, 28 February 2010

Off topic - nostalgia!

Here are a few scans of old photos taken in the late eighties (I think). They show my old 15mm ECW collection, mostly Minifigs, and my old ACW collection, again mostly Minifigs. All long since sold off sadly. It was about the time I moved from a simple cloth table to a purpose built terrain system of 6 2x2 ply boards. I remember being extremely pleased with it after a weekend spent up to my neck in filler, polystyrene, paint etc. I recall leaving it overnight to dry and waking up next day to pristine 'snowscape'! before painting.

Not sure how good these are, but I hope you can make them out, would seem I was taking 'fuzzy' pictures even back then!

I have also scanned the 'national characteristics' charts from the old Bruce Quarrie (Airfix) rules, I really liked these although I never actually got to use them. (Permission sought of Patrick Stephens Ltd, publishers, copyright 1974). I'd like to incorporate something like this into my future games.

The ECW collection was later replaced by 'Matchlock Miniatures' 15mm, many hundreds of them. About that time I met my old friend Ian, a mountain of a man who was the pike sergeant of the Blew Regiment, London Trained Bands, Sealed Knot. I spent many happy hours gaming at his home and mine and his enthusiasm drew me into re-enactment as a pikeman in his regiment where I recall driving home from my first event covered in bruises and aching all over after being flattened in a 'push of pike', literally trodden under foot! Great times though. I played so many games with Ian and we later moved into ACW together. I last saw him a few years ago helping out on the caliver books stall as he often did, anyone recall the big guy?

Enjoy the scans.


Stryker said...

Love the old pics Lee! Good stuff...

Rafael Pardo said...

I used Bruce Quarrie's ules in my first wargames in the 80's!
The book is very well written and full of information for Napoleonic wargamers.