Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Progress report.

The 4 metal British Line command are finished, so that completes 2 x 16 figure battalions plus 4 riflemen. Obviously there is slightly finer detail in the metal figures, slightly deeper undercuts etc, but on the whole they are an excellent match for the plastics. No doubting now that the white u/coat methed is MUCH faster than the black method and produces much brighter finished figures, very much in a retro style...... I like it a lot. Its odd, after 20 years of painting over black matt u/coats its a bit like having to re-learn the art of white again! Might take a few battalions to get fully dialed in again I reckon, but so far I'm happy-ish.

First 8 French line fusiliers are u/coated and ready to start on tomorrow.

I need to start working on organisation now and planning ahead, initially at brigade level, then as it progresses at Division level. I'm basically out to recreate in 28mm the collection I once had in 15mm many years ago, even down to the TSS terrain boards and the lovely Hovels buildings etc. I anticipate a good 2 year project ahead.

Main thing for me though is that I'm loving every minute of the painting again, and that feeling of achievement after a painting session is a real buzz.



Pastor Mueller said...

Wow! This is an amazing and ambitious project! 28mm is so high on detail, the figs look wonderful. I am currently working on my 1/72 scale miniature armies. I'm using the plastic AWI figs from Imex. I'm also using a 16 man battalion size. I think it looks good, but I would love to someday up the number to 32 or even 50, like Charles S Grant... Anyway, keep it up! Amazing!

JAM said...

They look great, I am not sure how anyone can paint on black, white just seems so much easier.

Stryker said...

They look great Lee! I like the grass you have used on the bases - what make is that?


Rafael Pardo said...

Wow... 25-28 mm figures are too much for my painting skills: I prefer 1/72 instead ;-)
With respecto to black or white undercoat, I always use black. Only once I used white, but the result was so bad, that I stripped the undercoat before finish the painting, and started over again using black.

Julian Hannam said...

Good on you.
A friend and I are doing Waterloo in 28mm using Perry and Victrix. I echo your comments on old 15mm armies once owned and now being recreated in 28mm. We are doing white undercoats with magic wash. We'll be using the Black Powder rules when they arrive through NZ Customs.
Great Stuff and keep it up.

Lee said...

Thank you for all the positive comments, they help to drive this project forward. I'm lucky enough to have more spare time on my hands recently and this puts it to good use :-)

Pastor, thanks for the encouragement :-)

Jam,your blog is an inspiration to me. I like that wash effect you achieve.

Rafa, its liberating painting over white again after so many years, I was getting bogged down in having to build up colour strenght over black, I find I can paint these 28mm figs in the same time as my old 15mm's over black, and the colours are vibrant and clean looking. I'm relaxing more into washes, letting the thin paint do the work!

Ian, the grass is from GW, not cheap but good quality I find.

Julian, thanks, do you have a blog running? Good luck with the project.