Monday, 1 February 2010

Quick update!

No new photos yet. Been working on the basing and improvements while waiting for my order from Perry to arrive. Next post should show the completed line command for my second battalion. I'm itching to get into the French, the Perry Plastics look brilliant.

I'm already planning the next order! I HAVE to do a unit of Carabiniers AND a unit of Cuirassiers after the 4 infantry battalions. They will be of 10 figures each. I'm amazed at the quality of these plastics so far and with cavalry figures working at at just £1.00 each for both horse and rider how can I resist?

Perry should be releasing the Dragoons and Hussars in due course, both look excellent. For the British cavalry it will have to metal and Perry produce Household cavalry, plus Dragoons so they will follow the French cavalry in my project.

Meantime here's a shot from the Perry twins website, the French cavalry plastics....... pretty hard to fault them in my book.

(Image from Perry miniatures website)

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