Friday, 5 February 2010

Reinforcements delayed!

Just when it was all going so well I have an email from Alan Perry telling me that my order failed to arrive! I happened to have been given a postal order as a gift s0 decided to use it to order the figures, first time I have used 'snail mail' to order anything for years. Not much I can do but write it off I guess, luckily it was only £30+ odd, but its annoying. So I'll re order ONLINE this time and in the meantime I decided to paint the last 8 figures from the box to keep going. Bloody PO.

When I re started this blog it was my intention to build around the old 'Airfix' Bruce Quarrie rules. I then looked at WRG but didnt like the basing style required. So I'm back to the BQ rules. The organsiation suggested for the 1815 campaign in the book is:
British Line battalion = 20 figures in 10 companies. Inc 1 grenadier and 1 light co.
French line battalion = 24 figures in 6 companies of 4, inc 1 light and 1 grenadier co.

This is very managable and gives an accurate representation I feel?

I will try to scan some of the pages from this lovely old book, its my first edition from 1974 and is full of lovely old photos in b/w. The other book is from 1971, and again is a first edition now falling to bits!
Meantime I'm adding 4 more figures to each battalion to make them up to 20 each.


Stryker said...

Reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch about Robby Burns waiting for a postal order from his granny - or are you too young to remember that?

I have Bruce Quarries "Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature" which I think must have the same rules in it. I always liked the look of them and particularly like the national characteristics even though I had a Prussian army back then and the Landwher took 2 whole turns to form square! I'm sort of tempted to dust them off for use with my Hinton Hunts although I do remember almost falling asleep waiting for the French to finish their turn in the one and only game I ever played using them. Have you played many games with the rules?


Lee said...



I think we are about the same age..... I'm 52 :-) I do recall the MP sketch, big fan of MP myself.

I've never used the Quarrie rules but read through them a few times now! Slow is not what I'm looking for however, I'll keep an open mind!

All the best,