Friday, 26 March 2010

Latest pics last!

Here's a few random pics of what I have painted so far in this project, 82 figures to date. Next 8 are undercoated and ready. I'm happy with the pace so far using this method and the result is OK I think, seeing them here at 'wargame' distance. The un-based French battalion still have a few backpacks etc to stick on, I find it much easier this way.

Other news: I should be starting on the wargame room any day now, need to tidy up and add a coat of paint etc but I'm excited at the prospect of having a dedicated room for the first time. Got the table measured out and the ply boards are in the garage ready to cut to size.

Leave you with a few pics, back next week.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Nostalgia - 'Waterloo' film 1970.

I know there are many inaccuracies in the film and it has its share of 'corny' moments but when it came out it inspired me with a love of the Napoleonic period and its colourful uniforms. Hard to believe its 40 years old now, some of the latter scenes using ariel shots panning across the landscape are still amazing to watch. This is the pre battle sequence, you can see more clips at YouTube.

2 French battalions completed.

Have now completed the first 2 French line battalions. Just need to base the second unit and I'll add the pictures. My goal is to also paint 4 additional skirmishers per battalion so that when deployed I can remove the 4 'marching' flank co figures and replace them with skirmisher poses, bit of extra painting but worth it in my opinion for a realistic look on the table top.

I have 8 figures left to paint towards French battalion number 3 including 3 metal command figs from Perry. I'm ordering a box of heavy cavalry plus a metal command pack FN63 for cuirassiers next . I have now decided to go with 8 figure cavalry units because this will fit in with my tweaking of the bases for WRG rules, each 2 figure base will represent a 3 figure WRG frontage base! This will give me an 8 figure Carabinier unit plus an 8 figure cuirassier unit, not bad for just £22.50! After that its back to more British line and a French Legere unit. Enthusiasm remains very high.

Back soon with those pics.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Some thoughts on rules and painting method.

Can't believe another week has passed since my last update! So far the count of painted figures is:

British: 40 line infantry plus 4 95th Rifles. This represents the 2 x 16 figure battalions completed plus another 8 towards unit number 3, the 59 th foot. Need another box of Perry infantry to complete.

French: 24 x line infantry plus 6 skirmishers. So one battalion complete plus 8 towards number 2 and I have the final 8 undercoated ready to start.

Total painted figures so far = 74, I'm well pleased with myself! Pics next update when they all based etc.

Now a few thoughts about rules; as I mentioned before its WRG for me. I rarely find a set of rules that can play fast yet still give a good overall period fee, and I know the set quite well so see no reason not to stick with them. basing has been an issue but I have found a way round that. By thinking in terms of base frontage rather than the way figures are based WRG can still be made to work. For example, my infantry are based 4 on a 45mm frontage base, 2 deep and my cavalry will be based 2 to a 45mm wide base. The rules would state that the frontage of an 'element' should consist of 4 figures abreast BUT by simply taking the frontage of one my 'elements' and counting it as '4 figures' in firing/combat etc there is no difference! Again with cavalry, the 45mm 'element' of 2 figure frontage simply counts as 3 cavalry for any calculations. Artillery will also be on a 45mm frontage element. I have made myself an 'aid' in the great tradition of vintage wargames (I'm a big fan of the old 'bounce sticks' etc), which has marked upon it the 45mm element frontages and the number of figures it represents for infantry and cavalry. In essence the figures become 'markers' and what counts is the number of figures represented by the element frontage.... simples :-) Of course depth is an issue but I'm happy to ignore that so long as fighting/firing on flanks etc can be worked out which they can. My tatty old copy of the WRG rules from 1979 has stood the test of time and many enjoyable games and I hope they will do so for many more in the future.

Some thoughts on Perry miniatures plastics so far:

Easy to assemble and good tight fit on heads/limbs/packs etc. being able to paint them without the knapsack/cartridge box/canteen in place is a real boon and really speeds things up. I paint them separately then stick them on last thing. Every single figure in a box is usable, and while some detail ( lace etc) is not a high relief as the metals they still paint well.

Speed: I'm finding it takes no longer to paint a 28mm figure than a 15mm figure using this white undercoat method, I just love the way the paint flows just where I want it and covers in a single coat. I'm introducing a few inks too now, the GW 'brown ink' makes a perfect base colour wash for flesh (then quickly highlighted with Foundry flesh 'light') and also is great for muskets, gives real shade and definition in a wash that takes just seconds to achieve! I hope the photos will show this (to follow shortly), also a thin wash of the brown ink over a white u/coated knapsack (french) gives depth and shading hard to otherwise achieve without time consuming shading/highlighting. A BIG thank you to 'jam' of 'Wargaming in 28mm' blog for introducing me to this method some time before I decided to take the plunge again after 20+ years of painting over black, I honestly believe that had I not gone with the white base coat I would have become bogged down in lengthy and laborious painting again, and the British in particular are much brighter and 'cleaner' looking for it.

Back soon with more pics.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Progress report!

I'm still painting away and enjoying it. Currently working on half a battalion of British line, 8 figures ( 59th Foot with white facings), plus 8 x French line including the command figures. I will need to order
another box of British line to complete what will be the 3rd British line battalion. I have enough French to complete the 2nd French battalion. Once these are complete I plan to have a break from infantry by painting the regt of French Carabiniers. I have ALWAYS wanted to paint a unit of these resplendent heavy cavalry which, with the 2 planned units of cuirrasiers, will form my heavy cavalry brigade (see OOB in previous post). After that its back to a couple more line infantry units then another diversion into more cavalry, this time some British Heavy Dragoons (Perry metals).

Been pondering rules and table size, I still want to use the WRG rules as I know them well and remember many enjoyable games under the rules. I think I may have found a means of making this work with my basing style. More on this later. The ground scale also means they work well with a smaller table, 6 x4 or in my case 5'/6" long x 5' wide. This gives me good access round 3 sides of the table, any longer and an opponent of, how shall I put it, more ample girth may have problems getting round! As it is I will have 18" spare at the end of the table and 24" on each side of the table in what will become my wargame room, just about managable? I may now simply texture and paint the basic boards to match the bases and then build road sections, hills and other terrain so that they can be laid onto the table in different layouts, terrain building is something I also enjoy and I learned much from assisting with a model railway layout many years ago. There is much to do. I am also due to re decorate the kitchen so I'm going to be a busy man over the next few weeks!

Couple of photos of the painting table today.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


6x Voltigeurs in skirmish order. Approx 3 hrs painting time on these total, back packs just need to be glued on to complete. No varnish yet. perry plastics of course.

French organisation and other matters.

Here is my planned 'phase 1' organisation chart for the French. It matches the British force pretty well, and again is based upon the Waterloo OOB as published in the book 'Regiments at Waterloo' by Rene North, 1971 Almark Publications. I wanted to be able to include some Imperial Guard (of course!). Long term plan is to expand upon this first phase, but in the meantime I hope this will give me 2 nicely balanced forces with which to game.

Painting update: I have completed the 6 French skirmisher figures (voltigeurs), just need to finish basing before pics. I now have the next 8 French line infantry ready for undercoating, this will start line battalion number 2. I plan to add a small skirmisher unit of 6 figures for each brigade of 2 battalions/regiments as I feel skirmish screens enhance the table top and are vital to accurately portray the tactics.

Other news; after negotiations with the Mrs I now have a room in which to build a permanent wargames table. Our eldest daughter having left home to live with her fiance and our 2 other daughters having 'shifted up' a room each (as they do) the spare 4th bedroom has been full of stock from my wifes clothing business which sadly was forced to close towards the end of last year (bloody recession!). Its not big though, I had a measure up last night and its 9' x 7' in old money! having clambered through the clothes rails I have worked out that I could fit a table 5' wide x 5'6" long with enough room to move around 3 sides comfortably. I think that should be big enough for my small battalions to deploy on. Once we get shot of all the ex stock I'll get started on repainting the room and building the table. Luckily in the garage I have a solid heavy pine table ( also from the old shop!) and 2 x 3/4" Ply boards that just happen to be each 2' 6"'x 6', so I only need to cut them down slightly and that's my table top. This will be the first time I have had a dedicated wargames room in which to leave games set up. I'll add photos as things develop.

Now all I need do is to paint those battalions!!

Back soon with more pics.


Imperial Guard – Lt Gen. Count Drout.

Old Guard

1st Grenadiers , 2nd Grenadiers, and 1st Chasseurs

Light cavalry, Old Guard (Lt Gen. Count Lefebvre Desnoettes)

Lancers & Chasseurs a Cheval.

Artillery (Col. Baron Duchard)

Horse Artillery of the Guard.- 1 battery.

1st Infantry Division, 1st Corps. (Lt Gen. Allix de Vaux)

1st Brigade – (Brig. Gen. Quiot)

54th & 55th Line

2nd Brigade – (Brig. Gen. Bourgeois)

28th & 105th Line.

2nd Division (Lt Gen. Baron Donzelot)

1st Brigade – Brig. Gen. Schmitz)

13th Light regt & 17th Line.

2nd Brigade – (Brig Gen. Baron Aulard)

19th & 51st line.

Foot batteries x 2.

2nd Cavalry Corps (Lt Gen kellerman)

1st Brigade – 1st Carabiniers, 2nd & 3rd Cuirassiers.

This makes a total of 11 infantry battalions inc 3 guard. Plus 5 cavalry regiments and 3 batteries of artillery.

Battalions are 16 figures, cavalry units 10 figures each.

All French line inf will be Perry plastics, the Legere battalion will be Perry metal, the heavy cavalry will be Perry plastics, the guard cavalry will be Perry metals. All artillery also metal.