Thursday, 25 March 2010

2 French battalions completed.

Have now completed the first 2 French line battalions. Just need to base the second unit and I'll add the pictures. My goal is to also paint 4 additional skirmishers per battalion so that when deployed I can remove the 4 'marching' flank co figures and replace them with skirmisher poses, bit of extra painting but worth it in my opinion for a realistic look on the table top.

I have 8 figures left to paint towards French battalion number 3 including 3 metal command figs from Perry. I'm ordering a box of heavy cavalry plus a metal command pack FN63 for cuirassiers next . I have now decided to go with 8 figure cavalry units because this will fit in with my tweaking of the bases for WRG rules, each 2 figure base will represent a 3 figure WRG frontage base! This will give me an 8 figure Carabinier unit plus an 8 figure cuirassier unit, not bad for just £22.50! After that its back to more British line and a French Legere unit. Enthusiasm remains very high.

Back soon with those pics.

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