Wednesday, 3 March 2010

French organisation and other matters.

Here is my planned 'phase 1' organisation chart for the French. It matches the British force pretty well, and again is based upon the Waterloo OOB as published in the book 'Regiments at Waterloo' by Rene North, 1971 Almark Publications. I wanted to be able to include some Imperial Guard (of course!). Long term plan is to expand upon this first phase, but in the meantime I hope this will give me 2 nicely balanced forces with which to game.

Painting update: I have completed the 6 French skirmisher figures (voltigeurs), just need to finish basing before pics. I now have the next 8 French line infantry ready for undercoating, this will start line battalion number 2. I plan to add a small skirmisher unit of 6 figures for each brigade of 2 battalions/regiments as I feel skirmish screens enhance the table top and are vital to accurately portray the tactics.

Other news; after negotiations with the Mrs I now have a room in which to build a permanent wargames table. Our eldest daughter having left home to live with her fiance and our 2 other daughters having 'shifted up' a room each (as they do) the spare 4th bedroom has been full of stock from my wifes clothing business which sadly was forced to close towards the end of last year (bloody recession!). Its not big though, I had a measure up last night and its 9' x 7' in old money! having clambered through the clothes rails I have worked out that I could fit a table 5' wide x 5'6" long with enough room to move around 3 sides comfortably. I think that should be big enough for my small battalions to deploy on. Once we get shot of all the ex stock I'll get started on repainting the room and building the table. Luckily in the garage I have a solid heavy pine table ( also from the old shop!) and 2 x 3/4" Ply boards that just happen to be each 2' 6"'x 6', so I only need to cut them down slightly and that's my table top. This will be the first time I have had a dedicated wargames room in which to leave games set up. I'll add photos as things develop.

Now all I need do is to paint those battalions!!

Back soon with more pics.


Imperial Guard – Lt Gen. Count Drout.

Old Guard

1st Grenadiers , 2nd Grenadiers, and 1st Chasseurs

Light cavalry, Old Guard (Lt Gen. Count Lefebvre Desnoettes)

Lancers & Chasseurs a Cheval.

Artillery (Col. Baron Duchard)

Horse Artillery of the Guard.- 1 battery.

1st Infantry Division, 1st Corps. (Lt Gen. Allix de Vaux)

1st Brigade – (Brig. Gen. Quiot)

54th & 55th Line

2nd Brigade – (Brig. Gen. Bourgeois)

28th & 105th Line.

2nd Division (Lt Gen. Baron Donzelot)

1st Brigade – Brig. Gen. Schmitz)

13th Light regt & 17th Line.

2nd Brigade – (Brig Gen. Baron Aulard)

19th & 51st line.

Foot batteries x 2.

2nd Cavalry Corps (Lt Gen kellerman)

1st Brigade – 1st Carabiniers, 2nd & 3rd Cuirassiers.

This makes a total of 11 infantry battalions inc 3 guard. Plus 5 cavalry regiments and 3 batteries of artillery.

Battalions are 16 figures, cavalry units 10 figures each.

All French line inf will be Perry plastics, the Legere battalion will be Perry metal, the heavy cavalry will be Perry plastics, the guard cavalry will be Perry metals. All artillery also metal.

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