Monday, 8 March 2010

Progress report!

I'm still painting away and enjoying it. Currently working on half a battalion of British line, 8 figures ( 59th Foot with white facings), plus 8 x French line including the command figures. I will need to order
another box of British line to complete what will be the 3rd British line battalion. I have enough French to complete the 2nd French battalion. Once these are complete I plan to have a break from infantry by painting the regt of French Carabiniers. I have ALWAYS wanted to paint a unit of these resplendent heavy cavalry which, with the 2 planned units of cuirrasiers, will form my heavy cavalry brigade (see OOB in previous post). After that its back to a couple more line infantry units then another diversion into more cavalry, this time some British Heavy Dragoons (Perry metals).

Been pondering rules and table size, I still want to use the WRG rules as I know them well and remember many enjoyable games under the rules. I think I may have found a means of making this work with my basing style. More on this later. The ground scale also means they work well with a smaller table, 6 x4 or in my case 5'/6" long x 5' wide. This gives me good access round 3 sides of the table, any longer and an opponent of, how shall I put it, more ample girth may have problems getting round! As it is I will have 18" spare at the end of the table and 24" on each side of the table in what will become my wargame room, just about managable? I may now simply texture and paint the basic boards to match the bases and then build road sections, hills and other terrain so that they can be laid onto the table in different layouts, terrain building is something I also enjoy and I learned much from assisting with a model railway layout many years ago. There is much to do. I am also due to re decorate the kitchen so I'm going to be a busy man over the next few weeks!

Couple of photos of the painting table today.

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