Thursday, 8 April 2010

Apologies for the short break!

Been busy with work and family recently so have had a short break from painting and the blog. The Perry heavy cavalry are on order now so painting will resume as soon as they arrive. The spare room has been finally cleared out so I'm redecorating it ready to move the table top into. I'm still undecided if I should go for a 5 wide x 5' 6" long tabletop or a more traditional 6 x4 table. Small units on a small table are OK I think and much of my wargames over the years have been on a 6 x 4 table so I may well go with that now. As the room is just 7' 6" x 9' 6" I can't really go much bigger.

Have been reading through a 'new' set of rules, those of Paul and Jan Lenniston from the wargames blog 'Napoleonic wargaming' Designed for Corps level games with small units I like the way they emphasise command and control. As I'm currently reading through myself together with the associated game reports I'll post the direct link to the rules here for others interesting in seeing what they think of them. I have to say that I really like them.

Back soon with more painted figures!!


Rafael Pardo said...

A nice job as always. Maybe I'll venture in the 28mm scale to play semi-skirmish games!

Lee said...

Hi rafa,

Thanks for the comment. The Perry plastics are lovely figures to paint.