Monday, 19 April 2010

Carabiniers part 3 - Test horse.

Decided to try a 'test horse' to see how the black would look. Carabiniers of course rode all black horses except for the grey of the trumpeter. I have found black horses hard to get to look right in the past. I think this will be OK. First I washed thin Foundry black 34A over the white u/coat. Then I used strong black to shade beneath the body and in the legs, neck etc. A quick touch of white on some legs and the blaze and done! Placed a carabinier on to view the overall effect and I'm quite happy. Its not solid black, there are lighter tones and I think it works. photos show 2 stages plus one with the rider. All detail, saddle, reins etc have not yet been painted, I just wanted to test the wash effect.

Should have this unit all completed by Friday, then straight onto the Cuirassier unit before returning to paint more British Line infantry...... I'm planning ahead. When I paint the Cuirassier unit I'll do a blow by blow account of how I build up the colours over the white undercoat..... its fast and furious!!

Back soon, I want to keep this blog lively and regularly updated.


DC said...

Yep, that works, and much more attractive (and quicker) than an attempt at layer painting the horse would be. Cheers.

Lee said...

Hi DC,

I have to say that it was your blog that inspired me to go back to the old white undercoat. I had thought about using enamels too but as I had 'invested' almost £200 on the Foundry system I decided to stick with acrylics. However I dont use the 'system' as such, just thinned washes. The figures are so much brighter and cleaner. I'm planning to get some Windsor and Newton inks to work with too as the colour remains more consistent when you wash them.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement! its appreciated.