Saturday, 17 April 2010

Carabiniers underway.

I have started painting the 8 figure carabinier unit and so thought I would post some pics as they progress. Decided to go with the correct 1815 blue coats, the officer retaining his earlier white coat as is also correct. Trumpeter in Imperial Livery with troopers helmet (some did aspire to a white plume but officially it was standard troopers helmet with red crest). Pics show initial colours. I gave the breastplates a wash of brown ink over the base colour which really picked out the detail. I then mixed a touch of Foundry 'shiny' in to highlight the helmet etc. The plate and scales just need a touch of silver to finish them. The lining or padding that shows a round the shoulders,waist and neck was a challenge to get right!! After a glass or two of cider last nightI managed to add the white line over the blue so that it looks OK -ish I think? So far so good. I should get a few more colours done today s the family are all out for the day. I can't wait to see this unit completed.

The blue of the coats need highlighting and the breeches 'grey is just an initial wash but pics show progress so far.

Also been thinking a lot about my aims for this project. Its clear to me that I'm out to reproduce the sort of games that I used to enjoy when I was a member of SELWG back in the late seventies and in some respects it a very 'retro' project. We always played WRG on 6 x 4 tables with a couple of brigades a side, 2 or 3 hours and then down the pub! Whilst I really admire those who reproduce the big battles on the table top and love reading your blogs and write ups, for myself my emphasis is on getting the look of everything to blend in, figures, terrain etc and that's what I enjoy, painting figures, landscaping, building terrain . The actual 'gaming' aspect is secondary for me which explains why I want to stick with WRG rules. All terrain items will be 'lay on' and hand built when I reach that stage.

Couple more days and I should be into the horses for the carabiniers, black horses of course, a grey for the trumpeter.

Games room is ready for a coat of paint, got our old pine dining table in there as a base for the heavy ply baseboards which will be landscaped to match the bases. Put a British line battalion in column on the table to see how the 5' width works and that extra foot makes a big difference I think.

back again soon.

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