Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cuirassiers completed.

Not great pictures I know and I apologise ( I am going to work on improving my photography skills, I think I need to light them better) ...... but here are the finished 8 cuirassiers. Again a standard that I am happy with overall, and standing back a little the effect is already reminding me of why I loved Napoleonics so much. I know that they don't have the depth maybe of 'darker' styles over black undercoats but this is a 'retro' project so its a retro style..... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! I am seriously considering a gloss varnish effect, any thoughts on this?

I have run out of figures to paint now until my Perry order arrives. What I do have left are 2 metal British line, a sergeant and a pioneer so I'll use these 2 figures to show how fast this wash method over white undercoat works. Both can form part of my next line battalion when I get the figures. Colour by colour guide coming up, with paint codes etc.

Improved quality pictures next post!


Stryker said...

Superb job there Lee! I'm no expert but having played around with my own camera I've come to the following conclusions: 1 - Don't use flash, use ordinary desk lamps to beef up the lighting. 2 - use the auto setting on the camera rather than playing around with it. 3 - put the camera on the "macro" setting for close ups. 4 - use a cheap photo software (I'm using Snapfire) to automatically make the best of the finished photo - this is particularly helpful if the shot is too dark. No need to learn how to use the software in detail just use the auto settings! Simples...


Rafael Pardo said...

Hi Lee
I Stryker says, the auto settings of camera mke always a good job. A good trick to improve quality is to use sun light!
Do you plan to wargaming with your figures? What ruleset do you'll use?

Lee said...

Thanks for the tips chaps, I'll try some of those suggestions. I do have a some 6500k 'daylight' spirals here for painting but I have not used them yet. They should give a good natural light for future photos.

Rafa, yes I plan to wargame with them. But I'm more into the 'fun' aspect of wargaming so I want rules that are simple and fast play yet still give a good period feel. Plan was WRG but I'm also very interested in a set by Paul and Jan Lenniston that are command and control focused and where all movement is card generated. I'm still reading through them to get a feel for them. More later about rules.