Friday, 23 April 2010

Cuirassiers next up!

Couple more shots of the Carabiniers, all completed except basing which will be done today.

Next up are 8 cuirassiers and I will do a 'blow by blow' account of the paint job on these. Took 10 days to do the carabiniers in total and I will aim for the same with these. After that its down to 2 more British line battalions, although I already have 8 figures painted towards these.



DC said...

They've come together very nicely. They remind me of the old Wargames Foundry 'house style' - 20+ years ago they used to illustrate their ads with figures painted in a wash style (which worked very well with their figures i thought). Cheers.

Lee said...

Thanks 'DC'

Once you have a unit nicely based and on the table you forget any tiny imperfections, you take in the whole unit, or I do. But they'll stand a bit of close scrutiny, and for the speed at which these are being painted I'm more than happy with the style.

I'm still pondering varnishes!!!