Sunday, 25 April 2010


Was planning to do a step by step account of how I painted these but my camera batteries died on me! I'll do it next time when I return to painting the British line infantry. Here's where I am so far with the 8 cuirassiers. I love the officer with folded arms and a 'fed up' expression on his face! (Perry metal range). The metal and plastic figures match well, I have no problem at all with that.

Again quick washes of colour of various strengths. I am using the Foundry system paints but not I had anticipated! I'm generally thinning down the shade colours then using the mid colour to highlight. I don't bother with the actual Foundry highlight shade, I add white if I need to. These cuirassiers seemed to take no time to get to this stage, and that includes some quick touching up over colours that may run or stray slightly.

Put the carabiniers on the table for a photo parade!

Back soon with the completed cuirassiers and the horses ready primed. Going to experiment more with these ones, want to try the brown ink for example.


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