Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Heavy cavalry & French line infantry.

Thought I'd post a couple of pics of the French line I began in the last post as it illustrates my simple painting method for this project. Images show the figures about midway and completed save for backpacks etc to be glued on. Its so fast this method and I think the results will be good enough en mass, for me at least. Of course I could go further and work in extra shading or lining etc but I'm not going to!

Have now had the Perry heavy cavalry out of the box and compared the metal command figures, again I'm happy with them, can't really see much difference at all in scale/size etc.... all just as it should be. (The command figures in the above infantry shot are also metal Perry and blend in perfectly with the plastics).

I'm itching to get painting on the first 8 figure Carabinier unit but need to do a bit of prep first. I was not aware that by Waterloo the Carabiniers had swapped their splendid white coats for light blue :-( I'm having a bit of a think about what to do as I REALLY wanted to paint those white coats. The metal command figure shown is of course the cuirassier command to enable me to also complete an 8 figure cuirassier unit and I may paint these 'at rest' with shouldered swords, there are enough spare arms in the box to choose either 'charging or 'rest'. This box gets 10 out of 10 from me, incredibly good plastic figures.

Back soon.


Stryker said...

Looking good Lee - your enthusiasm for this project is really inspiring and I just wish I had some time to do some painting myself!


Lee said...

Cheers Ian, I'm loving it! After those false starts I'm finally doing what I have wanted to do for many years and enthusiasm is high.I think the kids being older now makes things easier in terms of time and commitment. And I have also been inspired by your own HH blog,that's a fine collection.