Tuesday, 20 April 2010

'Make ready'

Making the most of my free time this week I took a break from painting figures to get the baseboard up in the newly painted wargame room. I managed to get a 6 x 5 table in there with enough room to move around on 3 sides and get a couple of chairs in there. Its not as cramped as I thought it might be, a good 24" on each side with just enough room to get past on the bottom end, and I'm not the slimmest of wargamers myself! I still have a long way to go yet of course and next week things will slow down but at least its there and it gives further motivation to the project.

I couldn't resist putting the figures painted so far on the table and took this shot of the first British unit that I painted for this project, from the rear. Still no flags yet but that will soon be taken care of.


Stryker said...

Looks good Lee - I like the way you've cut a small angle across the corners to prevent nasty accidents whilst trying to squeeze past! My new study is a bit tighter for space than yours but I could just get a 5'x4' table in - that's a way off yet though.


Lee said...

Thanks Ian. Yes I thought it a good idea to remove those corners!
I'm jumping the gun myself with the room, I'm a long way off a game yet, but I can take my time and work on it slowly.