Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trumpeters horse.

Here is the trumpeters grey horse, just the basic (very) thin black wash applied this time then white mixed into the paint to quickly highlight. Again very quick to do. Once the horse furniture etc is painted it should look OK. As the troopers saddles were covered with a white sheepskin I have decided to wash the whole lot with thin black again and then come back and dry brush pure white over it. 'Dogs teeth' have now also been done with Foundry 'sky blue shade' (21A) again thinned down, then highlghited with sky blue 'light' (21C). main thing for me is that standing back a foot or so the effect works well I think. Again its about speed of brushwork, controlling the thinned washes and being prepared to tidy up a little here and there if I need to.

Trumpeters horse. Next update will show the completed unit I hope. Trumpeters sheepskin cover will be black.

Slightly changing subject I see that Victrix now have the British foot artillery set out! 3 guns with choice of barrels, 15 crew plus various bits and pieces of equipment all for £19.99. Much as I wanted to stick with Perry I cant resist a set like this one so this will go on my order list. Any comments on how compatible they are?

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