Monday, 12 April 2010

The wargames room progress.

Been busy tidying up the walls ready for painting but I hope to have it finished by the weekend and the 5' x 5' 6" table top up and ready for landscaping. I've figured this is the best I can do in there and I'm happy with it. With my small units and slow movement rates etc (WRG rules) it gives enough scope for the small games I plan to play in there. The 5' width has meant sacrificing length but overall it will be fine and the rules will work well. Few pics of the scale plan (rough). Leaves me enough room to get a chair either side plus a monitor as I intend to transfer the tatty old rule set onto the PC (more of that later).

Just finishing the final 8 French figures I have left then its straight onto the 8 figure Carabinier unit followed by the 8 figure Cuirassier unit. Its all coming together in my head at least! Then need to order another box of British line and French line to complete the 2x 'half' battalions I will have painted to make up 3x 16 figure battalions per side.

Image shows the white undercoated French with just 3 colours painted..... GW Midnight Blue, thinned wash, then GW 'brown ink' wash over the faces hands and muskets, then flesh light (Foundry) over the ink wash on faces and hands. Next I paint all the black in a fairly thin wash before strengthening where I need to. This method is so fast and flowing I really enjoy doing it, I cant see myself ever going back to a black undercoat again.

Next update should show the carabiniers underway. I'll paint all 8 figures together with the riders glues to their mounts. The command for the carabiniers will be plastic and the command for the cuirassiers will be FN59 Command charging from Perry. Pics of these to follow.

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