Wednesday, 19 May 2010

4 British battalions completed!

The first 4 British units are finished and I'm now working through 12 more figures towards unit number 5, a KGL battalion with blue facings. Will just need to add another metal command group to complete them. Took them outdoors for a few pics in the sun. Put some French cavalry in too.

Awaiting delivery of my next Perry order, another box of French infantry and the following command packs:

BH3 British Major generals & FN14, French generals of Division.

It feels good to have now passed the point that I got to in 15mm when I started this blog back in 2007! I'm far happier with these figures. I was going to order the Victrix british artillery set next but when I checked on the Perry site I found that a gun with 4 crew in metal is only £8.00 so there would be little difference in price for 3 guns and crews, plus I wanted to keep this project perry as far as possible so I think I'll now just stick with the Perry metal range in future.

BH3 and FN14 (below) from the perry website. Lovely castings.


Phil B said...

They look fantastic.

Stryker said...

Lee - they look absolutely brilliant! Keep it going...


Lee said...

Cheers guys :-) I cant wait to get into the likes of Highlanders, Brunswickers, the Old Guard, Hussars etc as this develops.


Rafael Pardo said...

A good painting job.... It looks better at sun light!

Dan said...

They look great. About the artillery: the Victrix set does come with limbers, although no horses are included. I am painting a set right now, for a review and eventually painted pics, head over to my blog:

Shameless plug :D

Lee said...

Thanks again Rafa.

Dan, I'll add your blog to my links. Can I ask how the Perry and Victrix compare for size in your opinion? Do they match well?

From Perry a gun and 4 crew in metal cost £8.00, and I as I probably wont use the limbers there's not much difference, but I'm very tempted by the Old Guard box, but I reckon I'd only use 32 or so of those figures as I only want 'march attack' poses for my French. I just wish somebody would release a box of plastic British heavy dragoons with optional helmets/ bearskin caps etc. But I guess I'll have to go with metal figures.