Thursday, 27 May 2010

British Generals completed.

Here are the 3 Mtd Generals from the Perry set BH3. Tried different lighting this time and the pics are somewhat dark. I have enjoyed painting the officers as a distraction from line infantry.

Next small fortnightly order going in to Perry is:

BH5. British/KGL command advancing. (To complete the 12 figures already painted)
BH11. British foot artillery firing 9pounder.
FN17. French foot artillery firing 6pounder.
FN72 Light infantry battalion command. (For the Legere unit planned next).

As you can see I have another 8 French line white undercoated which will complete French unit number 3, before I begin the Legere unit. That will still leave me another full 16 figure plastic line unit from the last box to paint.

Total figures painted so far is 152. Once I reach the 200 mark I hope to get a test game set up using THESE rules that I have been getting to grips with.

After the above I'm deciding between a box of the Victrix Old guard OR some Perry metal British cavalry.


Rafael Pardo said...

Are they 'generic' British generals? I miss the eccentrics Picton

Lee said...

Hi Rafa,

They are actually named personalities but I will use them as generic generals. I will be adding Picton later, and Wellington of course.

In the National Army Museum in London they have Picton's top hat that he was wearing at Waterloo and you can see the hole where the musket ball entered. I believe Wellington was not happy with Picton's dress style and discouraged his officers from carrying umbrellas as Picton did!