Thursday, 13 May 2010

British infantry progress.

Well, been working away at more British line as I want to complete the first 4 battalions as quick as possible. 3 are now complete and the 4th has just another 8 figures to finish them plus painting and sticking on the knapsacks etc which I do on the sprue for ease. I also painted the 4 extra 95th Rifles included in the box. Took a few pics of the assembly stage of the Perry plastics, they really do go together very well, the fiddly bit I suppose was the officers coat tails (you have a choice of long or short tails depending on campaign), but they all go together in minutes if you use the correct glue. The 8 figures just assembled will give me a total of 70 British painted so far so things are moving along nicely now.

I'm placing the next Perry order now: Another box of French line, a French generals pack and a British generals pack. I'm plodding through making fortnightly small orders so I don't get a mountain of figures sitting waiting to be painted!

Plan is now to complete the 4 French units of 16 figures, 3 line and one legere. They wont have those nice pre 1812 uniforms with fancy boots but at least they will still stand out from the line battalions. Once those are done and the mounted generals are painted (I'm looking forward to doing those) I will do either some British cavalry (metal) or foot artillery (Victrix) followed by the Victrix Old Guard box.

I wont add flags until I reach this phase 1 stage of a small balanced force for both sides. At that stage I'm thinking about investing in some TSS terrain blocks, hills etc.

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