Monday, 24 May 2010

Completed French Generals.

Got some time off so decided to complete the 3 generals of Division this morning. Again the blue coats appear far lighter in the pics for some reason but that maybe the strong sunlight outdoors where I took the pictures or my very old camera! I wanted them to match the retro style of the rest of the collection so resisted the temptation to overwork them but I'm very happy with the results. If I'm honest I'm struggling more with the horses over white undercoat but they're not too bad but maybe not up the standard I could achieve over black, however I'll persevere with it.

I also finished basing the 12 KGL infantry this morning. Next week I will add the command stand to complete British infantry unit number 5.

The 3 British generals are undercoated, I'll probably make a start later today if I get time.

Next up: 8 French line to complete unit number 3 then a Legere unit.

I'm still a fair way off being able to have a test game but I'm getting a good feel for the Division/Corps level rules I intend to use by following the battles at Paul Leniston's site HERE.


Rafael Pardo said...

A good composition!
Remember that French division generals wore a red and gold sash (brigadier wore light blue and gold)

Stryker said...

They look very dashing - the horses look great too!


Lee said...

Thank you Rafa for the information, I did do some research first but all the images I found were hard to tell the sash colour so I went for gold! But that's easily corrected as I would like to be accurate.

Cheers Ian :-)I showed my teenage daughter, she took a split second glance at them and said "yes, very nice Dad" couldn't have showed less enthusiasm if she had tried!