Sunday, 23 May 2010

A hot days painting! French Generals.

Phew, its a scorcher today and my little painting corner in the back room has become a welcome sunny place to sit and escape the crowds who have arrived in the village to spend the day on the beach. My Perry order did indeed turn up yesterday and some were undercoated within an hour! I chose to start with the 3 French generals of Division, beautiful little castings. I dont know why the blue always appears lighter in the pics than it actually is but here's some shots of them at about midway. Also a shot of the KGL battalion just awaiting a command stand.

I'll do both the French and British generals packs first, then bang into loads more French line infantry. Next weeks order will be for some metal guns and crews.

Just started reading Napoleons Marshals, I've had this book for several years at least but never got round to reading it before, a very good read so far.


Rafael Pardo said...

Waiting to see you finished generals... Do you will paint they either as Brigade or Divisional Generals?
Happy sunny and hot day!
P.S. 25ÂșC also here at Valladolid (Spain) but there is no beach in 200 km!

Lee said...

Hello Rafa,

It is unseasonably hot here at the moment and us Brits are not used to such weather. I saw many people yesterday looking like lobsters!

The 3 generals will represent generals of Division as the rules I now intend to use mean my 16 figure units will now actually represent brigades, and battles will be at Corps level.While many gamers do not like such small units representing entire brigades it will give far more scope with my painting. The rules I will be using are from Paul Lennistons blog 'Napoleonic wargaming'.They emphasise 'command and control' and focus on manoeuvre and capturing ground etc over the finer points of regimental/brigade action.

All the best,