Saturday, 22 May 2010

Perry v Victrix question?

I have been looking around to find examples of some of the Victrix Old Guard figure set painted up. You can't deny the superb quality of this set and for the 2 x 16 figure battalions that I will want (in march attack pose) for £20.00 these will be hard to beat I think. Found some superb examples HERE at 'saxondog's' blog, well worth a look!

Any comments regarding the match of Perry and Victrix? I did read that the Victrix were slightly larger but I could get away with that for the Guard. Any comments on this please? I just want to keep a consistent scale within my collection but those figures look SO damn good.

One comment I have re Victrix..... why do they produce a separate box set for flank companies? why not do as Perry do and include them in the set. This puts me off buying the Highlanders as I would need to buy 2 boxes to complete the units and be left with a pile of unusable figures which is a shame I think.

Still awaiting the arrival of my last Perry order, have completed the 12 figures of the first KGL battalion and will add the metal 4 figure command group from my next order.

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