Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Battery completed.

Have finished the remaining two British artillery crews. Overall I'm happy with the results and if I have one gripe about the set its the fact that the cross belts are poorly defined, with for some reason a raised centre strap, (not the canteen strap) that really spoils the lines of the cross belts. This is where metal figures score of course with much more raised definition and deeper undercuts. But for the price I'd say its good value and a cheap way to amass artillery.

I have put just 2 washes on the first 8 Old Guard Grenadiers, the blue is a mix of GW Midnight blue and Ultramarine blue and I washed this over much of the figures as you can see. Then a wash of GW brown ink over hands faces and muskets to give shading. Again the figures are good with excellent faces but some of the detail such as the sword and scabbard are poorly defined in my opinion but again I guess for cheap plastic figures one cant complain.

Having thought about all of this I am now considering moving over to metal figures for the rest of this project. I feel that I have made a good start but I'm beginning to miss the quality and detail of 28mm metal figures. I'm torn between Front Rank and Elite. I'm not yet sure which will most match my existing plastics? Any opinions on this welcomed.

Right then, time to go and pull on the lucky England shorts for the big game in a couple of hours time...... so here's hoping they do what we know they are capable of doing and win convincingly.

*EDIT* - having looked at a few pics of Royal Artillery uniforms I now see that the raised 'strap' over the crossbelt is actually a red cord, (possibly representing match cord from a previous era?) and so once again Victrix have got it spot on! I'll need to correct that. I looked at some pics of metal RA crew yesterday too and its so much more obvious what it is.

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