Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gilder mania!

Well, lets face it the figures from Peter Gilder's amazing collections got many of us into this hobby in the first place and its been great to see so many of those old figures popping up on the blogs that I follow. I spent a relaxing hour last night browsing through all of the images posted on 'Unfashionably Shiny' 'The Hinton Hunter' and 'The Old Metal Detector' of figures from the original Gilder Napoleonic collections. To be honest I had always assumed that Gilders collection started with Hinchliffe and it was a surprise to me to learn that the original figures had in fact been Hinton Hunt. But what an amazing job he did with them! I had not realised just how good those old HH figures were until I began to follow 'strykers' excellent blog 'Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures'. By comparison with my Perry miniatures those old figures are slim and elegant and every bit as well detailed. I should say that it was seeing a colour picture of Gilders Waterloo game in a Sunday glossy mag as a schoolboy that fired my imagination, I cut the pages out and kept them for years! So hats off to all you gents for keeping it going, and if anyone has not already looked at the blogs mentioned above then you should do.

Update on my painting quickly: I have completed French line infantry unit number 3 and undercoated the first 8 of what will be a light infantry unit. Did a few head swaps this time to add some Pokelem caps, they add a bit of variety. The command for this unit will be metal. sadly by 1815 the Legere had lost much of its individuality in dress, looking much like their line counterparts except the Bardin regulation habit-veste had blue lapels and they wore blue trousers. Cuff detail was also slightly different. The Chasseur companies had also shed their sabres and belts. Still its enough to give a slight distinction so I'll enjoy painting them.

Total so far now is 160 figures painted.

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