Monday, 14 June 2010

Light infantry.

I have finished basing the 12 skirmisher figures. 6 are newly painted and the other 6 have been re-based and touched up slightly. All in all I'm pleased with these, I think they make a neat little unit. I'm not sure how they will be used with the rules yet, either as replacements for flankers when deployed or as an independent composite skirmisher unit. Maybe I could add a 12 figure skirmisher screen per brigade or something along those lines. I decided from the outset that I wanted to base my units a certain way so any rule-set that I use will have to accommodate my basing style.... I refuse to re base these figures at any stage!

I also completed the 16 figure Legere battalion over the weekend and they make a nice colourful little unit too I think. By the time of the Hundred Days campaign the Legere were operating very much in the role as normal line infantry, although they held on to their former elite status.

The World Cup will slow my painting a little for a while, but I am close to breaking through the 200 figure milestone. Its been quite a number of years since I painted 200 figures, but my enthusiasm for this project remains very high and there are just so many units that I want to paint. I should have my Victrix order within the next couple of days as 'Total wargamer' have already confirmed despatch, great service and reduced prices on many items. Following that its some Heavy Metal ........ 2 regiments of British cavalry.


Stryker said...

Hi Lee - the troops are looking good. Not so sure about your lucky football shorts however (were you wearing them for the USA match?)


JAM said...

Nice looking figures Lee, the blue looks great.


Lee said...

Thanks guys.

I'm happy with that blue now myself finally!

I'm sure the lucky shorts will be working their magic come Friday! I put the lack of concentration down to those horn things that are driving everybody mad!