Saturday, 19 June 2010

British Artillery - Test crew.

I painted the first British artillery crew yesterday and finished basing this morning. I keep the basing style consistent but its very fast and simple, just my big box of grit and a couple of bags of Games Workshop's synthetic grass. The 'stone' areas are finally given a coat of 'leather brown'. I don't bother to highlight this as it gives a nice 'muddy' effect and contrasts with the grass areas.

Overall I'm pleased with the crew although I still find the officer figures a bit 'wooden' in pose. I've started the other 8 crew figures and have taken the liberty of giving the battery commander a bicorne. One thing I miss from earlier campaigns are those wonderful bicornes! But I'm sure a few officers would have held on to them, even though they would have looked a soggy misshapen mess on the morning of Waterloo.

I keep opening up the box of Victrix Old Guard and peeping in at those wonderful figures; they really do look nice figures and the faces are quite amazing, full of expression, so they should be a joy to paint. of the 60 figures in the box I'll only be using 32 of them for 2 battalions of 16 both in 'march attack' pose.


Stryker said...

Another great job Lee!


Rafael Pardo said...

I agree with Ian, and your speed is also remarkable.
Watch the link
Conseils techniques
It shows some tricks to improve the cannons. I don't use the tricks myself, because I am primarily a wargamer, but you could find the link of posible interest