Friday, 11 June 2010

Victrix on order.

I now have a couple of boxes of Victrix figures on order, Old Guard Grenadiers plus the British foot artillery. Found them online at just £15.96 per box, great value! I'll paint 2 x 16 figure battalions of Old Guard Grenadiers and then the 3 gun battery.

Total so far is:
4 x 16 figure battalions (3 line and 1 light)
12 x skirmishers (I'm basing these in 2's now)
2 x 8 figure cavalry regiments
3 Mtd generals.

5 x 16 figure line battalions.
8 x 95th rifles (based in 2's)
3 Mtd generals.

So things are moving along nicely. What I need now is for Victrix or Perry to release some British cavalry, heavy dragoons would do nicely! But as there is no word of any such plans I'll make the next order for some British metal cavalry to balance the forces.

No more pictures yet as its the same old units, but I'll post the 12 French figure skirmisher unit once its based and finished, its amazing how much variation you can get from the same two basic bodies with head and arm swaps etc.

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